• Delights Of My Life

    Eric Chenaux

    Delights Of My Life

    Release date: 05/31/2024
    MM035Credits Eric Chenaux : voice, electric guitar Ryan Driver : wurlitzer, voice Philippe Melanson : electronic percussion, voice Recorded and mixed by Cyril Harrison at Le Pouget, Condat-sur-ganaveix, Correze Produced by Eric Chenaux, Cyril Harrison, Murailles Music and Constellation Artwork: Mariette Cousty All songs written by Eric Chenaux SOCAN / ASCAP with lyrics written in collaboration with… Buy
  • Évohé Bègue


    Évohé Bègue

    Release date: 03/11/2024
    MM034  “Evohé, the song of the bacchants, is multiple and dangerous, its cult is not based on any catechism. Bacchanalian song is about intrusion, it knows neither beginning nor end, and refuses to take the stage that is set for it. Evohé is thus a permanent discipline of aggression of the ritual by the real.… Buy
  • L’Herbe de Détourne


    L’Herbe de Détourne

    Release date: 05/05/2023
    MM033  SOURDURENT : Ernest Bergez : vocals, violin, podorythmie, electronics, piano (3) Jacques Puech : vocals, cabrette, chabrette, podorythmie, hautbois de cahors Elisa Trébouville : banjo, fife, vocals Loup Uberto : bass lute, percussion, vocals, trumpet, piano (5), mandolin (9) L’Herbe de Détourne Place where some people walk at and find themselves lost Compositions and texts by Ernest Bergez except for : –… Buy
  • Où les observer, savoir les reconnaître

    France Sauvage

    Où les observer, savoir les reconnaître

    Release date: 04/10/2023
    MM032Vocalized electronics & intellectual kicks. Cervicals are shaking, neurons are chatting. Hello and thank you experimental France. The Americans envy us for having them. Decadent improvisations & raw virtuosity since 2006. 1803 concerts to their credit. 732,715 kilometers of road covered. A buttock forever and ever in the underground charts. Another one shamelessly coveting the… Buy
  • La mort aura tes yeux

    Alexis Degrenier

    La mort aura tes yeux

    Release date: 11/11/2022
    MM031Alexis Degrenier ‘La mort aura tes yeux’ LP, 500 copies, black vinyl, offset printing on a reversed sleeve. Alexis Degrenier : composition, percussion, mixing, pre-mastering and production Tracklist ‘Fatiguer’ : wood beam, floor tom, bells, timers / clocks / metronomes ‘Décliner’: drone box controlled by floor tom, rubbed stones, surfaces ‘Épuiser’ : circulating balls, rubbing of skins, played stones… Buy
  • Nuevo Medievo

    Borja Flames

    Nuevo Medievo

    Release date: 05/06/2022
    MM030Borja Flames – ‘Nuevo Medievo’ Out 2022, May 6th on labels Murailles Music and Les Disques du Festival Permanent. Music & Lyrics by Borja Flames. Produced and arranged by Borja Flames with the collaboration of Marion Cousin, Paul Loiseau and Rachel Langlais. Recorded in Lucy-sur-Cure, Cinq-Mars La Pile and Saint-Aubin du Cormier (France). Mix by… Buy
  • Say Laura

    Eric Chenaux

    Say Laura

    Release date: 02/18/2022
    MM029The new record by Eric Chenaux is his most immaculate and pristine. ‘Say Laura’ perfectly incarnates the counter-intuitive interplay of instrument and voice that Chenaux has been revealing and revelling in throughout the past decade: his gently unhinged juxtaposition of resplendently smooth, seductively assured singing and puckish, frazzled, thoroughly destabilized guitar could come from no… Buy
  • Sans Chemin

    L’Ocelle Mare

    Sans Chemin

    Release date: 10/08/2021
    MM028A ritornello that awakens, unfolds, disappears, resurfaces, transforms, forgets itself, awakens again. A ritornello in folds and hollows, which gives us something to see as well as to listen, a theatre of acoustic shadows where each timbre, each rhythm, each modulation, is born from a meticulously refined gesture. “I don’t write music, it’s an assemblage… Buy
  • La consolation des violettes

    Rien Virgule

    La consolation des violettes

    Release date: 09/10/2021
    MM027RIEN VIRGULE is before everything else musically, the meeting of four people, islands of desires, tentacles that embrace each other. Or “the meeting of a soldering iron and an iceberg, a pigeon asleep in a packet of chips, a smashed path in a debaptized city” (according to J. Burgun). For 8 years, two albums and… Buy
  • Sourdure

    De Mòrt Viva

    Release date: 04/02/2021
    MM026 - LDFP013 - PAG032Constructed like an invented tarot deck, ‘De Mòrt Viva’ explores the idea of a contemporary paganism in ten jubilant, humorous and spiritual odes. The Auvergne Occitan imposes itself at the spittoon, deploying its metaphorical and polysemic network, with the particular candor of a newly acquired language. The melody is born from the word, the poem… Buy
  • Powerdove


    Release date: 06/12/2021
    MM025Reconfigured as a French-American duo, Powerdove is releasing its fifth album and it’s a dazzling balance of diaphanous melodies and explosive arrangements, at once poppy and in-your-face experimental. Conceived on the Aegean Sea, the staggeringly beautiful songs of ‘Machination’ suggest high-precision mechanisms that have been expertly tweaked to register the pulse of a hypersensitive and… Buy
  • Soleil Enculé
    Soleil Enculé


    Soleil Enculé

    Release date: 11/15/2019
    MM024 / D028 It would seem that ‘Soleil enculé’ (Sodomized Sun) is not Arlt’s fourth album. In fact, it has all the earmarks of being their brand new very first debut. Let’s just call it that. ‘Soleil enculé’ (Sodomized Sun) is Arlt’s brand new very first debut album, written and recorded while under the influence of surprise, the surprise… Buy
  • GRANDE — de Tsirihaka Harrivel & Vimala Pons

    Victoire Chose

    Release date: 02/15/2019
    MM023 - TMR029 - VC01 Vimala Pons et Tsirihaka Harrivel sont deux figures du cirque contemporain. Ces geeks multi-instrumentistes touche-à-tout présentent depuis 2016 le spectacle GRANDE — sur les scènes de France et d’Europe. Dans la tradition du music hall qui leur est cher, cette pièce à rebours qui célèbre l’amourest jalonnée de hits bricolés de petits instruments laissant en… Buy
  • (COMPOSÉ PAR Moondog)

    Ensemble 0 joue Elpmas

    (COMPOSÉ PAR Moondog)

    Release date: 11/09/2018
    MM022LIMITED EDITION ART BOOK (84 PAGES) + 2 X 10 INCH VINYL RECORDS Elpmas revisited: Played by ensemble 0 : Stéphane Garin, Joël Mérah, Julien Garin, Amélie Grould, Julien Pontvianne, Vincent Malassis. With the participation of the ensemble Macadam, Vanille Fiaux & Jonathan Seilman, Tomoko Sauvage, Barbara Hünninger, Aude Guillevin, Rodolphe Alexis. Book illustrated by… Buy
  • L’Ocelle Mare

    Temps en Terre

    Release date: 10/11/2017
    MM021‘Temps En Terre’ is the fifth album release from l’ocelle mare, and the first to have been recorded in a studio. The preceding releases were characterised by a marked acoustic: the echoey reverberations inherent to ‘Serpentement’ were thanks to the protestant temple it was recorded in; Engourdissement was entirely recorded in forest expanses, upon ponds and enclosed… Buy
  • War Shapes


    War Shapes

    Release date: 05/26/2017
    MM020Annie Lewandowski : voice, sampler, synthesizer Thomas Bonvalet : mechanical metronome with bell, six string bass banjo, electric guitar, feet tapping, hand clapping, mouth organ, audio ducker, drum skin, mini amps, subwoofer, microphones, noise gate, concertina, honk horns, “stringin it”, harmonica reeds, cellphone Chad Popple : drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel, percussion Recorded at Studio Chaudelande with… Buy
  • Fauxbourdon

    La Terre Tremble !!!


    Release date: 03/03/2017
    MM019And now ‘Fauxbourdon’ surfaces, constituting a collection of ten both gentle yet menacing tracks which come across as both uncanny and delicately anxiogenic: it’s somewhat like observing the boiling point of life, which rushes by, always just about to explode. Indeed, the band’s inspiration for the album seems to originate somewhere around 1956 with Don… Buy
  • Livre/disque

    ‘La Colonie De Vacances’


    Release date: 04/22/2017
    MM018 - KTB56 Livre / disque ‘La Colonie de Vacances’ Sortie le 22 avril 2017 / Disquaire Day Transposer La Colonie de Vacances, spectacle à 360° s’enroulant autour d’un public submergé de toutes parts, sur un quelconque support audio, a toujours semblé vain. Comment donc rendre compte de la puissance et de la sensibilité dégagées, de l’incroyable expérience, toujours personnelle et sans… Buy
  • ‘III’

    Electric Electric


    Release date: 09/23/2016
    MM017Electric Electric is: Eric Bentz, Vincent Redel, Vincent Robert. Produced by Eric Bentz and Vincent Robert. Recorded by Vincent Robert at Pine Cone studio in Strasbourg 2015. Mixed by Vincent Robert in Nantes 2016. Mastering by Aigle Noir. Photo Cover by Laure Nantois. III is: Eric Bentz : guitars and vocals, plus analog synth on… Buy
  • ‘Les 26 sauces de Maître Saucier’

    ‘La Colonie De Vacances’

    ‘Les 26 sauces de Maître Saucier’

    Release date: 09/01/2017
    MM016The Poitiers venue Le Confort Moderne invited Greg Saunier to write an original music piece for ‘La Colonie de Vacances‘ titled “Les 26 sauces de Maître Saucier“. The performance took place on June 4th 2015 opening Less Playboy Is More Cowboy festival after a 3-week residency. This is the recording of this unique show featuring… Buy
  • ‘Girl You Want / Bolerock’ EP


    ‘Girl You Want / Bolerock’ EP

    Release date: 09/05/2016
    MM015‘Girl you want’ (DEVO cover) (Mark Mothersbaugh / Gerald V. Casale – 1979) Musique : Marvin Chant : Éric Aldéa Enregistré et mixé au Subsonic à Montpellier en 2011 par Marc Hacquet et Antoine Morière ‘Bolerock’ (Bredel / Conte / Rougier) Enregistré et mixé au studio La Fabrique à Saint Rémy de Provence en octobre 2015 par Steve Albini au cours… Buy
  • The Screw

    Papier Tigre

    The Screw

    Release date: 04/29/2016
    MM014Ten years after they started from scratch, Papier Tigre have built a solid name for themselves with three albums ‘Papier Tigre’ (2007), ‘The Beginning And End Of Now’ (2008), ‘Recreation’ (2012) and over 500 shows in more than 25 countries over 3 continents, with the three-piece appearing at ATP amongst other festivals. Their music is… Buy
  • sings Leonard Cohen


    sings Leonard Cohen

    Release date: 12/11/2015
    MM013Nona Marie Invie : lead vocal, piano Rebeccah Berry, Marianne Bird, Chris Chookiatsirichai, Rachel Corradi, Emily Dantuma, Sarah Dixon, Julie Engle, Alyssa Hill, Annika Kaplan, Rosa Oesterreich, Erin L Smith, Emily Temte, Katie Woodling, Lucy W Woods : choir Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Herbers at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, MN, May 2015, with assistant engineer Jake… Buy
  • All I Can’t Forget

    the patriotic sunday

    All I Can’t Forget

    Release date: 09/25/2015
    MM012The Patriotic Sunday is a harbour. A harbour that stays firmly on land while people come and go and songs of long lost friends and old memories are crooned at bar counters and in cheap hotel rooms. Eric Pasquereau writes songs to find his way back home. His ever-changing band follows the tides and the… Buy
  • Arrest



    Release date: 09/15/2014
    MM011“You cannot arrest the present. You just have to abandon every day your past. And accept it. And if you can’t accept it, then you have to recreate it. Which is what I have been doing.” – Louise Bourgeois So, too, has Powerdove. Since its inception in 2007, the brainchild of Annie Lewandowski has grown… Buy

    Pillars and Tongues


    Release date: 02/24/2014
    MM010‘End-dances’ is the new album by Pillars and Tongues on Empty Cellar Records. Although from Chicago, Beth Remis, Ben Babbitt, and Mark Trecka have spent much of the last few years traveling, performing music in a wide variety of contexts, exploring the severe and sublime landscapes of America, and returning to or refusing to return… Buy
  • Quinn to New Relationships

    Ramona Córdova

    Quinn to New Relationships

    Release date: 10/09/2013
    MM009‘Quinn to new relationships’ tells us a story of heartache, reflection, and growth. sung in scripted melodies with improvised tongue, accompanied by harpsichord, piano, cello & electric guitar. Ramón V.A. (voice, guitar electric, synth) Marina Voznyuk (harpsichord-spinet & piano) Dom La Nena (cello) Gaspar Claus (cello) All songs written by Ramón V.A. Cello arrangements by… Buy

    Ramona Córdova


    Release date: 07/29/2013
    MM008From the album “quinn to new relationships“. The people putting out the album didn’t like this version because i’m crying. so we made a single version. I know soon there will be new tunes to play and with you too things to see through till they’re full as the moon and i’ll do my best… Buy
  • Do You Burn ?


    Do You Burn ?

    MM007Annie Lewandowski : vocals / prepared piano / keyboard / guitar John Dieterich: guitars / bass Thomas Bonvalet: harmonica reeds / six string banjo / amps / microphones / feet tapping / hand clapping / tuning forks / concertina / guitar / dry poppy pods / whistlings Recorded and mixed by Annie Lewandowski, John Dieterich, Thomas Bonvalet, and Ben Piekut, January 2012 Mastered by John Dieterich Album artwork by… Buy
  • Salvage Blues

    La Terre Tremble !!!

    Salvage Blues

    MM006Two electric guitars forming a single monstrous one, a percussionist-singer (equipped with a drum set not allowed by standards), a disorder of hot-cold sounds, melodies neither joyful nor sad, screamed and whispered voices, ecstatic pain, anti-professional theatre, and vice. This all forms La Terre Tremble !!!  After ‘Travail’ (Collectif–Effervescence 2009), the trio from Rennes-Clermont is back with… Buy
  • Discipline

    Electric Electric


    MM005Electric Electric is a french trio composed of looped and live guitars, drums, and electronics. The band was created in 2005 and played many shows in France and Europe. It was also invited at the SXSW in 2010 and Pop Montreal in 2011. They provide a sound density, a physical liberation of bodies, the repetition… Buy
  • Serpentement

    L’Ocelle Mare


    MM004‘Serpentement‘ is the fourth recording of l’ocelle mare and was recorded by Adrian Riffo, in the Protestant temple of Bergerac (France), in november 2011. Instruments: mechanical metronome with bell, harmonica reeds, six string banjo, amps, microphones, feet tapping, hand clapping, six string ukulele, tuning forks, timer, mouth organ, Harmonicas, concertina, dry poppy pods, whistlings,… ℗… Buy
  • Recreation

    Papier Tigre


    Release date: 01/09/2012
    MM0035 years after they started from scratch, PAPIER TIGRE have built a name for themselves with two albums « PAPIER TIGRE’» (2007) and « THE BEGINNING AND END OF NOW » (2008) and 350 shows in more than 20 countries over 3 continents, with the three-piece appearing at ATP among other festivals around the globe.… Buy
  • Actual Fiction

    the patriotic sunday

    Actual Fiction

    MM002Recorded and mixed by : Miguel Constantino Mastered by : Chad Clark Words and Music by : Eric Pasquereau Arranged by : Paul Loiseau, Julien Chevalier & Benoît Lauby Vocal Arrangements by : Paul Loiseau Artwork by : Pierre Verdon ℗ & © Murailles Music / Collectif-Effervescence, 2011… Buy
  • Travail

    La Terre Tremble !!!


    MM001French three-piece formed in 2005 by Julien Chevalier, Benoît Lauby and Paul Loiseau, La Terre Tremble !!! confronts genres and challenges rock critics to find new cheesy names such as handcrafted seismic folk-rock, shaky cubist pop, electric tribalism with baroque opera lyricism… In fact, everything the band does come from pop music. But the songwriting… Buy