All I Can’t Forget


  1. Home Is Where The Town Stops
  2. Garbage Truck
  3. All I Can't Forget
  4. The Evening Waltz
  5. Hounded Blues
  6. A Life Pursuit
  7. Serenade
  8. Full Moon
  9. Light Of Defeat
  10. Death
  11. The Rain Falls Hard

the patriotic sunday

All I Can’t Forget

Release date: 09/25/2015

The Patriotic Sunday is a harbour. A harbour that stays firmly on land while people come and go and songs of long lost friends and old memories are crooned at bar counters and in cheap hotel rooms. Eric Pasquereau writes songs to find his way back home. His ever-changing band follows the tides and the wind. the patriotic sunday began as a general plea to an ex-girlfriend, a man coming to terms with lovelessness and teenagehood. On his 2005 début ‘Lay Your Soul Bare’ , Pasquereau developed a flawless blend of indie-rock influences, jazz chords and bossa-nova rhythms which were as sincere as the confessional lyrics that led the melodies. After several years pursuing his other project, PAPIER TIGRE, Pasquereau then attempted something of a pocket pop symphony with Characters’  in 2009.  Whilst the music is immediate and accessible, lyrically the album explores denser, less palatable themes: vivid imagery juxtaposed against ironic detachment belies a preoccupation with death and indecision. In 2011, the folk-rock inspired Actual Fiction’  mixes the well-balanced with the distinctly off-kilter. Backed up by the band La Terre Tremble !!!, The Patriotic Sunday matured to the point where it is comfortable in its own ambiguity. Leaving behind youth’s desire to show off and to be loved,  ‘Actual Fiction’s‘  scratchy guitars and scary diary entries perversely reveal experience and self-confidence. On the new album,  ‘All I Can’t Forget’ Pasquerau reaches for stripped down, essentialist songs (Garbage Truck, A Life Pursuit, Full Moon) and more complex and elaborates structures (All I can’t Forget, Light of Defeat), they are always united by the same modus operandi: the desire to craft the spontaneous miracle of a great song in the vein of these wonderful craftsmen : Brian Wilson, Ray Davies, Caetano Veloso Robert Wyatt and Leonard Cohen. Even if your ship sails today, you know where to come back to.

All songs by Éric Pasquereau
Arranged with Paul Loiseau, Julien Chevalier, Julien Lefeuvre, Léo Prud’homme & Thomas Beaudelin
‘Full Moon’ was originally arranged with Miguel Constantino
Recorded and mixed by Patrice Guillerme & Éric Pasquereau at cornerbox studios & other places
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Artwork by Atelier Bingo

© Murailles Music