Murailles Music is a music and live performance agency, based between Nantes and Paris, functioning as a non-profit since 2004.

In constant conversation with the artists which it represents with total dedication, our agency is committed to creative original music, from its inception to production and distribution.

Our catalogue is human-scale. This allows us to provide the specific attention required by each artist. Over time, our network has grown thanks to the partnership and collaboration of several professional entities at different levels (concert halls, national theatres, festivals, non-profit organizations and private spaces), while keeping all parameters of size, format and budget fluid.

Beyond, strictly speaking, a “live show”, we wish to elevate an experience that is real both to the audience and artist, so that this true “sharing” will every single time result in creating impactful memories for each and all.

Operating outside pre-defined musical categories, our artistic choices are driven by a unique sensibility that is always connected to the idiosyncrasies and originality of each project or artist. Our musical inspirations break out of the rut to explore the regions of popular music (rock, folk, pop in their broadest terms), New Music and experimental creation, as well as re-imagined traditional repertoires. Another essential facet of the music we wish to represent is an ever-broadening range of instrumentation: amplified, electronic, strings, winds, percussion, Early Music, and homemade inventions.

Our Roster expanded beyond the strictly musical to include a wider spread of the Performing Arts when Murailles Music became producer of GRANDE’ by Tsirihaka Harrivel and Vimala Pons (circus/theatre/music); of ‘La Colonie de Vacances’, a concert with a 360° surround quadraphonic sound system; the creation of ‘Coco’ by Julien Desprez (folk dance, music and digital art); or more compact performance pieces such as Blast’ (contemporary dance and music.) There again, our catalogue has consistently supported our artists’ propensity to break the codes of their own discipline, to ceaselessly experiment and joyfully reconfigure their vocabularies in order to keep them alive, expansive, urgent, and relevant.

In this regard, Murailles Music has, since 2015, also explored the universe of the composer Moondog (1916-1999), through a lecture, four tribute-performances and partnerships with several Conservatories and Music Schools.

In 2011, Murailles Music also became a label and album producer. We were motivated primarily by our love for the physical object (vinyl, the record-as-book), and our sole desire to offer our audience unique recordings and quality objects.


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