La consolation des violettes


  1. Apache
  2. La consolation des violettes 
  3. Tambour de nacre 
  4. L'ogresse amoureuse 
  5. Radio embryon
  6. Le cri du typographe
  7. Huso Huso
  8. Il Mare Non Si Bagna Mai
  9. Ficedula parva
  10. Toque de clous
  11. L'errance des murs


Rien Virgule

La consolation des violettes

Release date: 09/10/2021

RIEN VIRGULE is before everything else musically, the meeting of four people, islands of desires, tentacles that embrace each other. Or “the meeting of a soldering iron and an iceberg, a pigeon asleep in a packet of chips, a smashed path in a debaptized city” (according to J. Burgun).
For 8 years, two albums and numerous concerts, they have been peddling a generous, graceful and cold, intensely vibrating music.
In a radical and deviant approach to Pop music, the classical structures of verse-chorus serve as a playground and experimentation, where rhythmic, melodic and noisy functions merge.
In June 2019, Jean-Marc Reilla passed away. His homemade instrumentarium and laughter continue to resonate for his loved ones, and his memory lives on in the music of RIEN VIRGULE that has become a trio.