Nuevo Medievo


  1. Big bang
  2. Superación
  3. Negro negro
  4. Magnetismo
  5. Titán
  6. Marioneta
  7. Sin cabeza
  8. Nuevo medievo
  9. De qué
  10. Credo

Borja Flames

Nuevo Medievo

Release date: 05/06/2022

Borja Flames – ‘Nuevo Medievo’

Out 2022, May 6th on labels Murailles Music and Les Disques du Festival Permanent.

Music & Lyrics by Borja Flames.
Produced and arranged by Borja Flames with the collaboration of Marion Cousin, Paul Loiseau and Rachel Langlais.
Recorded in Lucy-sur-Cure, Cinq-Mars La Pile and Saint-Aubin du Cormier (France).
Mix by Manuel Duval at Grange Cavale (Chenaud, France).
Mastering by Harris Newman at Grey Market (Montréal, Canada).


Rachel Langlais : synths, vocals
Marion Cousin : synths, vocals, percussions
Paul Loiseau : acoustic and electronic percussions, vocals, synths
Borja Flames : vocals, guitar, synths, acoustic and electronic percussions, samples