1. Obs7
  2. Pointe Noire
  3. Black Corée
  4. Klimov
  5. The River
  6. Dassault
  7. Les Bêtes
  8. 17°00

Electric Electric


Release date: 09/23/2016

Electric Electric is:

Eric Bentz, Vincent Redel, Vincent Robert.
Produced by Eric Bentz and Vincent Robert.
Recorded by Vincent Robert
at Pine Cone studio in Strasbourg 2015.
Mixed by Vincent Robert in Nantes 2016.
Mastering by Aigle Noir.
Photo Cover by Laure Nantois.

III is:

Eric Bentz : guitars and vocals, plus analog synth on Obs7 and Dassault,
percussions on Pointe Noire, drums on The River, Dassault and les Bêtes.
Vincent Redel : drums on Obs7, Klimov and 17°00.
Vincent Robert : analog and digital synths,
programming, vocals, plus drums on Black Corée.
Philippe Poirier : vocals and lyrics on les Bêtes.
Julie “Lispector” Margat : lyrics on Black Corée.