23/01/2019 / Lucie Antunes

New signature : Lucie Antunes

We are delighted to present our new signatureLucie Antunes (you will no doubt have already come across her in her various multidisciplinary and committed creations, if not behind the barrels of Aquaserge or Moodoïd). Her debut album’Sergeï’, released soon on the label Cry Baby, is full of shimmering and broken instrumental reveries, synthetic or acoustic, always embodied. Its most bewitching arguments will be unveiled to you on stage, during a premiere at the Théâtre de Vanves, on February 22nd with distinguished guests!

tickets : http://bit.ly/2HnPMIy

Lucie Antunes & Guests
“Sergeï” [premiere before the album release]

Who’s SERGEI? A nightclub bouncer? A colossus with an emaciated face who speaks with a strong accent? A white male coming from the cold, a little lout, who tramples on you without apologizing? Wrong way…

SERGEÏ is a headless character, a trunk man with muscular arms, of titanic strength and hallucinating sensitivity in which the creative and bubbling madness of Lucie Antunes is housed. Listening to SERGEÏ, one thinks of a Terry Riley who would have eaten testosterone, a Steve Reich on ecstasy, and more generally of all the precursors of repetitive music… A universal sensory crossing that makes us discover new sound materials thanks to the mix of acoustic sounds, salvaged objects and electronic sounds. On stage SERGEÏ is a monster with 6 hands and three heads : Lucie Antunes (drums, marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic (whom we met recently in the group JUVENILES) with moog, prophet, percussion and modulars and Franck Berthoux, a long-time accomplice who treats sound in real time on stage.

Lucie Antunes : Composition, vibraphone, percussion, prophet, drums
Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic :   Synthesizers, bass, modular, percussion
Franck Berthoux : Real-time sound processing, machines, bass, modular
François-Joseph Botbol : Video

Guests : Lucie Antunes, Jean Sylvain Le Gouic, Paul Changarnier, Nathalie Forger, KIM, Clémence Lasme, Gaspar Claus, HALO MAUD, Yadh Elyes