23/01/2019 / Bottle MM ‘daily’ inox 450 ml

Bottle MM ‘daily’ inox 450 ml

ECO. │ A new year is starting and with it the awareness of the impact on the planet by each of our actions has never been stronger.
The music industry is not spared. Today, we wish to participate in the reduction of plastic waste generated by the high consumption of single-use water bottles by artists and technicians (on stage / in rehearsals / on tour). Everyone is concerned and if you want to join this initiative, you are warmly invited to order on our shop this 450 ml stainless steel bottle engraved with our logo for a lifetime use!  → https://bit.ly/2FAvHgB

Thanks to The Green Room for the impulse.
Manufacture : Gaspajoe, gourde et fière de l’être