10/02/2019 / Orgue Agnès

Orgue Agnès : nouvelle signature !

It’s about time we put some bright colours in our catalogue. It’s time to celebrate with the joyful signature of the trio Orgues Agnès (association of the benefactors of Sourdure, Clément Vercelletto and Èlg). Discover their unthinkable voodoo-dada cauldron, somewhere between Dr John, the Tom Waits of Bone Machine, Royal Trux and state-of-the-art electronics!

Laurent Gérard (Èlg, Opéra Mort), Ernest Bergez (Sourdure, Kaumwald) and Clément Vercelletto (Kaumwald, Arlt) form Orgues Agnès. A trio in which the energies are evenly distributed: Ernest with the multi-polar violin and the cave voice, Clément with the sexy rusty rhythm box, toms and ball bearings, and Laurent with the alien babbling and the seven-key organ. Their music has a predilection for analog sounds, distorted vocals and swaying, hypnotic rhythms. A kind of jubilant and geniously crazy trance, made of elastic, burst, spiral, mewling incantations, an abrasive warm white funk, a larvae of cold black, free dub to scotch, dree sub to fcotch…

Their debut album, “A Une Gorge”, has just been released on Standard In-Fi (France, Tanz Mein Herz, Golem Mecanique…), Three:four Records (La Tène, Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux, Norberto Lobo…) and A1000P.

Ernest Bergezviolin (bass), voice
Laurent Gérard : voice, synthesizers, amplified guitalele
Clément Vercelletto  :percussion, electronics, voice


  • 01.03 • Lyon (69) • Le Périscope avec Charles Mahaco plus d'infos
  • 02.03 • Lausanne (CH) • Le Bourg avec Lucas Ravinale & Loup Uberto plus d'infos
  • 03.03 • Genève (CH) • La Cave 12 avec Riyosuke Kiyasu plus d'infos
  • 05.03 • Paris (75) • Petit Bain avec Borja Flames, Gilles Poizat plus d'infos
  • 06.03 • Bruxelles (BE) • Les Ateliers Claus plus d'infos