27/05/2018 / Loup Uberto – duo with Lucas Ravinale

New signature : Lucas Ravinale and Loup Uberto !

Mental journey to Italy: two sides of the Bégayer triangle emancipate themselves in deviant tarantellas, at full throat and until the fingers bleed a little …

“ It’s been a long time since we thought about a set we could build with this habit : to sit around a table after the concert and play our songs and percussions frugally, like a bunch of grandmas at the end of a meal. We’ve been hunting some songs from north Italy, some old languages, and we hope this will begin a dance. “

Lucas Ravinale and Loup Uberto (two musicians from Bégayer) pick up field-workers polyphony.

North-Italian repertoire (Bergamo, Po valley, Piemonte, Venezia), traditionally sing “a capella“ by a group of women, here delivered by a song-and-percussions duo. Pandeiros, tamburelli, fanfare-drums and old circuit bended radio-transistors bring up a strange trance with songs from partisans, pacified militaries and playful peasants.


~ Upcoming shows

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  • 25 june • Rennes (35) • Le Terminus bar plus d'infos
  • 28 june • Douarnenez (29) • TBA
  • 29 june • Paimboeuf (44) •  Café de la Loire plus d'infos
  • 30 june & 1st july • Jallais (49) •  Tapette fest  plus d'infos