27/09/2022 / New signature: Marion Cousin !

New signature: Marion Cousin !

Murailles Music is happy to announce that Marion Cousin has joined our roster. She collects and transforms traditional songs from the Iberian Peninsula, work songs, labor songs, harvest songs, medieval songs, epic love tales, various dramas, taken from Mallorca, Menorca, Extremadur and many others… To each region, its collaborator, to each collaborator its original and unheard scenic rendering. You will be able to see and listen to her bare voice in a tête à tête with Gaspar Claus on the polyfacetic cello, in the company of the avant-techno duo Kaumwald where vocoder, electric circuits and dazed groove seem to be consumed by the same virus, or even with Eloïse Decazes (Arlt) within an experimental and magnetic adventure for two voices and multiple sound crushings to come.

→ Upcoming shows :

  • 15/12/2022 • Rotterdam (NL) • WORM, with KAUMWALD plus d'infos