20/02/2024 / ‘ECHOS’ SERIES


A documentary series that offers musicians a space to speak out
→ 12 episodes to be released in 2024 – launching 8 January!

Echos‘ is a documentary series that offers artists a space to speak out, outside the framework of the ordinary interview or promotional drum, and attempts to undo the formatted spaces that reduce music to a single representation (internet, record, concert). The idea here is to put each musician’s thoughts at the forefront, to listen to them articulate what underpins their practice, organically, conceptually, poetically, what it perpetuates or what it sets out to break away from, how it fits or doesn’t fit into a territory, a history, a duration. We walk, we travel, we work, we digress, the word goes its own way, gets lost, discovers itself, sometimes surprises itself. ‘Echos‘ heterogeneous trombinoscope invites us to discover a constellation of untimely, singular artists, whose often idiosyncratic, sometimes phenomenal practice is carried out over the long term, in an almost ritualistic way.

Graphic design: Josué Confort