ciné-concert ‘TOM & JERRY’ par la terre tremble !!!



La Terre Tremble !!! tackles a delightful and thrilling mission : re-perform soundtrack for 6 early black and white « Tom & Jerry » cartoons produced by Van Beuren studios in the 1930s. And no misunderstanding here : Tom and Jerry have not always been the famous cat and mouse duet we’ve known when kids. Before the MGM took it over in the 40s, the series featured two ridiculous human beings whose only aim was to exist (yet clumsily) in an absurd and surreal world, proving to be often cruel with them – a cruelty which probably was unconsciously infused in the series through the prism of that era’s economic crisis. Rhythms are wild and nagging, sounds are both cold and warm : La Terre Tremble !!!‘s frantic and ecstatic rock music perfectly matches with the eccentric, bizarre and burlesque feeling of these old cartoons. La Terre Tremble !!! offers a specific stage set with drumset, guitar, bass, organs, electronic instruments (autoharp), and various small objects. Their show is funny, burlesque and frantic, and is aimed at all audiences : both younger and elder ones ! The ciné-concert is also available in the form of a workshop.

Julien Chevalier : electric guitar, keyboard (Omnichord OM84), voice
Benoît Lauby : bass, keyboards (Korg Monotron + Monotribe), voice
Paul Loiseau : drums, percussions, electronics, autoharp, voice

* Co-production : Le Jardin Moderne, Lucien Rose Library, Antipode MJC, Festival Travelling, Clair Obscur, Murailles Music




Booking : samuel.muraillesmusic[at]

Promo: promo.muraillesmusic[at]

Past shows

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  • DateCountryCityVenuewith 
  • 24/06/2018BelgiqueCharleroiLe Vecteurinfos event
  • 23/06/2018FranceMayenneMusée du Châteauinfos event
  • 13/10/2017Ile MauriceBeau Bassin-Rose Hill (Ile Maurice)Festival Ile Court - Le Tamarin infos event
  • 20/04/2017FrancePauLa Centrifugeuseinfos
  • 30/03/2017FranceClermont FerrandLa Chapelle des Cordeliers
  • 18/12/2016FrancePoitiersLe Planétariuminfos
  • 19/11/2016FranceGonfreville l'OrcherFestival du Grain à Démoudre - centre culturel de Gonfreville l'Orcher
  • 08/10/2016FranceSaint-Aubin-du-CormierCinéma Mauclercinfos event
  • 17/06/2016FranceDijonGrésilles en fêteinfos
  • 01/06/2016FranceRennesLes Champs Libresinfos
  • 30/05/2016FranceBelleville-sur-MeuseMJC du Verdunois
  • 10/10/2015FranceSaint-OuenEspace 1789infos
  • 09/10/2015FranceSaint-OuenEspace 1789infos
  • 08/10/2015FranceSaint-OuenEspace 1789infos
  • 07/10/2015FranceQuimperMédiathèque des Ursulines
  • 28/07/2015FranceBourg-en-BresseMJC Bourg en Bresse infos
  • 22/02/2015FranceParisLe 104 - LE CENTQUATREinfos event
  • 21/02/2015FranceParisLe 104 - LE CENTQUATREinfos event
  • 18/02/2015FranceEvreuxL'Abordageinfos
  • 16/02/2015FranceClermont-FerrandCinéma le Rio infos
  • 10/02/2015FranceRennes4 BIS
  • 23/12/2014BelgiqueAlsemberg (Be)Centre culturel de Meentinfos
  • 17/12/2014FranceMetzLa BAMinfos event
  • 16/12/2014FranceMetzLa BAMinfos event
  • 14/12/2014FranceBruz (35)Festival National du Film d'Animation, Grand Logisinfos
  • 12/12/2014FranceOignies (62)Festival Les Fugues Sonores, le 9/9 Bisinfos event
  • 29/11/2014FranceGrenobleFestival Le Tympan dans l'Oeil, Espace 600infos event
  • 28/11/2014FranceGrenobleFestival Le Tympan dans l'Oeil, Espace 600infos event
  • 14/11/2014FranceLa Garde (83)Festival International des Musiques d'Ecran, Théâtre du Rocherinfos
  • 13/11/2014FranceCannesLa Tangente - MJC Picaudinfos
  • 12/11/2014FranceCannesLa Tangente - MJC Picaudinfos
  • 25/10/2014FranceLeuven (Be)Festival Rode Hond, Cinema Zedinfos event
  • 15/10/2014FranceClermont-FerrandLa Coopérative de Maiinfos
  • 11/10/2014FranceNeuilly-sur-MarneMédiathèque Saint-Exupéryinfos
  • 20/09/2014FranceOrléansFestival Bistrophonique, Théâtre d'Orléans, salle Antoine Vitezinfos event
  • 11/07/2014FranceMagny-le-HongreFile 7infos event
  • 20/06/2014FranceParnac (46)Kinomadinfos
  • 07/06/2014FranceLourmarinFestival Yeahinfos
  • 04/06/2014FranceBourgesLe Nadirinfos event
  • 03/06/2014FranceFlersFestival Vibra'Mômes - Centre Louaintier de Flersinfos
  • 17/05/2014BelgiqueRoeselare (Be)Festival Day Oneinfos event
  • 16/05/2014BelgiqueRoeselare (Be)Festival Day Oneinfos event
  • 28/04/2014FranceSaint-ÉtienneCinéma Le Franceinfos
  • 25/04/2014FranceSegréCinéma le Mainguéinfos event
  • 09/04/2014FranceBloisChato'Marmots, Le Chato'Doinfos
  • 23/03/2014FranceParisPoint Éphémèreinfos event
  • 22/03/2014FranceCrépy-en-ValoisACAP - Festival "Les Saisons du Cinéma "
  • 21/03/2014FranceMéruACAP - Festival "Les saisons du Cinéma"
  • 15/03/2014FranceAgenLe Floridainfos event
  • 03/03/2014FranceRennesFestival Travelling - Le Tambour (Auditorium Université Rennes 2)infos
  • 02/03/2014FranceMâconLa Cave à Musiqueinfos
  • 01/03/2014FranceBesançonLa Rodiainfos
  • 28/02/2014FranceChalon-sur-SaôneLa Pénicheinfos
  • 26/02/2014FranceNantesFestival UNIversBD, Université de Nantesinfos
  • 07/02/2014FranceConcotsl'Usine à Kroquettesinfos
  • 06/02/2014FranceLibourneCinéma Grand Ecraninfos event
  • 05/02/2014FranceAngoulêmeLa Nefinfos
  • 24/01/2014FranceNîmesPalomainfos event
  • 16/01/2014FranceCaenMaison de l'Etudiantinfos
  • 20/12/2013FranceLa Roche sur YonLe Fuzz'Yon event
  • 12/12/2013FranceThourotte Espace Culturel de Thourotte event
  • 11/12/2013FranceReimsLa Cartonnerie (séances #1 et #2)infos event
  • 10/12/2013FranceReimsLa Cartonnerie (séances scolaires)infos
  • 08/12/2013FranceDijonLa Vapeurinfos event
  • 07/12/2013FranceNantesStereoluxinfos event
  • 04/12/2013FranceJoué lès ToursLe Temps Machine infos