About Murailles Music

French independent quality music agency
booking & promotor since 2004
iconoclastic label since 2011
Our agency is based on the strong and mutual commitment we share with our artists.
We have a manageable roster size as we want to pay our artists the proper attention they deserve, protect them and focus on their development as opposed to working on a volume 'value'.
We are very proud to work with so many different promoters, no matter the size of the venue/club/organization. All the people in our network are equally important to build a tour. Our goal is to always look for the most adequate location and time for the artist’s work.
We believe music would not be as great an art without its spiritual and social dimension. Sharing a good time with the audience is therefore what matters the most to us and our artists.
Since 2011 we are a casual label for some of our artists. We do not want to release or promote records the way it is usually done in the music industry but as fans of the medium (vinyl is our favorite) who seek to offer some great recordings.
We just want to bring good and creative music to you.


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